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Strategy / Vision, Infrastructure / Technology Solutions, Architecture, Cloud Services and Technical Delivery.

Vast experience with organisations of all sizes, from Large Enterprise to SMEs.

Coverage for most sectors including Government, Education, Defence, Health, Media, Scientific, Automotive, Financial.

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strategy    governance
assurance     rescue.missions
leadership      architecture
design     transformation  consolidation          integration
technical change    consulting

cloud        infrastructure
convergance   EUC
world beating connectivity
security    GDPR
managed services   SaaS

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How do I do it? - Take a closer look..

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Solution Architecture and Delivery - 

Championing Efficiency and Best Value

Simplicity and efficiency are key in my solution design and delivery models, with the required attention to detail and due process execution exactly where and when needed.  There are plenty of large, slow moving technology companies out there offering similar services, but we do things differently.  If you have a user environment of 100, 1000 or 10,000 users and need to upgrade your infrastructure, as an SME, I can offer turnaround times that are half that of these well known conglomerates!  No wonder many government agencies are switching to SMEs for technology solutions.

Understanding and providing solutions based on your IT needs is my business, and I have many years experience in the industry, working at all levels and in a wide variety of sectors.  I prefer models that cut red-tape and maximise efficiency, without cutting corners or skimping on quality.  I work closely with our customers all the way through the design and implementation processes, from initial RFP, right through to hand-over and follow-on support.

Ask me about the variety of bespoke solutions I can offer your business - whether you are building a new infrastructure, migrating to a new data center or integrating a wide variety of services into multiple cloud platforms, I have you covered.



IT Business Change and Evolution - 

Demand Excellence!


Technology never stops evolving, and the relationship between technology and business is becoming increasingly converged and symbiotic as time goes on.   My approach to business change and technology transformation ensures there are no gaps or weaknesses in the process, giving you the confidence to take the next step and realise your vision for the future.

I combine in-depth business analysis with advanced technical experience and awareness, ensuring the organisation and it's operations are well understood and mapped out.  Clear vision and deep understanding paves the way for effective strategy and project or programme delivery - this is a must in service provision, and something all my customers do of course demand.

Whether you are realigning your service towers with a new technology platform, switching to a new service delivery model or starting with a blank canvas and looking for the most effective and nimble organisational modelling with a technical business focus, I have a wide variety of options - and I'd be happy to discuss tailoring these to your requirements.

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Leadership and Direction - 

Making IT Happen

Turning dreams for your business into reality requires clear vision, integrity and a broad range of high-level skills.  Trust lightpath with the task of engaging with your organisation at all levels, to deliver the key functions you require.  Lightpath has broad ecperience in the IT industry spanning many years, including governance, assurance, strategy, management, as well as operational and commercial excellence.

In most businesses, there is a gap between the technical IT and leadership functions - I bridge that gap, offering stakeholders complete peace of mind.  For example, steering a business through a technology structure change requires a deep understanding of all business functions, including technical and commercial.   I tie in all key functions and create a portfolio of outputs that ensure the business is effectively led, acting as a stabilising and harmonising force, whether the goal is a large scale migration, or perhaps organisational process remodelling.

Send a message to see how I can help you shape your vision for the future, guide you safely through change and step confidently forward into a new era for your business, your staff and your clients.

Technical Consultancy Services - 

The Complete Package

Technical solutions are at the core of everything I provide to my clients.  Understanding the technology needs of each client is crucial, regardless of the specific services required.  This is the centerpiece to what I offer, so you can be confident the neccessary information is understood and in view, in the server room as well as the board room!

In the modern world, technology underpins just about everything a business does, so I use experience across a wide variety of sectors to provide various IT consultancy services to effectively engage and deliver.  Services include:

Technology Solutions - local and cloud

Enterprise Architecture

Infrastructure Architecture

Programme and Project Management

Technical Transformation and Transition

Migrations and Consolidation

Solution Implementation and Delivery

Refresh and Renewal Activities

Large Scale and Complex Programmes

Whether you're an SME or a global enterprise, the experience here speaks for itself.  Make contact to discuss your requirements.


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From the observation deck

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 Everything as a Service


Designing and provisioning solutions in the cloud is now easier than ever.  The push to migrate to cloud services is constant, as an ever increasing number of businesses move their IT estate to cloud based platforms, reducing cost and increasing availability and productivity.  I offer a variety of cloud platform solutions, including IaaS/PaaS for core services, applications, security, environment segregation etc.  For virtually all functions available in the cloud, there is a service solution to deliver it.  The choice of vendors in this space is endless - and we can tailor the solution design at this level too, in order to meet and exceed your specific needs.


Keep It Simple!

Are you tired of unnecessary complexity every time you need to embrace technology? - Me too! That's why I keep solutions as simple and straight-forward as possible. I champion common sense and best value, not cash cows and spaghetti monsters you'll regret 5 years down the line.

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To discuss your requirements or request further information:


078 1424 2036